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Tomorrowland is here!

The Biggest party of the decade is back, and it is in Cape Town South Africa.

Definitely the biggest dance music festival in the world! Festival Tomorrowland 2014 offers two July weekends of music madness and the Tomorrowland 2014 line-up will feature unbelievable music artists and DJ’s for everyone attending.


Tomorrowland was launched in 2005 in Belgium and soon became a Popular Cult with followers worldwide.

Tomorrowland 2014 marks the festival’s 10 year anniversary and is not to be missed. The best DJs will be performing, the crowds will be massive, the atmosphere will be electric and the experience is guaranteed to be truly unbelievable!

So why will Slnko be telling you all this?

Because during the day you will be out in the sun looking for some fun protection. At night you will be out looking for some attention.

Put some Slnko Zinc on your face for  UV protection and tonight your face will come to light under the UV lights.

Trust us you will make more friends!

And Draw All the attention.

 Tomorrowland and Slnko Zinc

For the complete “greenies”, you can rest assured, Slnko is made of Pure Zinc Oxide, the stuff your mum used to rub on your bum. Nothing is more pure and less chemical than Zinc Oxide and the best news.



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You will be happy to know that Slnko has a Coconut-Lime Fragrance.

In other words:

You will be protected

You will be glowing under those lights

You will smell good

You will make more friends

And you will certainly stand out

Get creative at night and do some Slnko UV painting.

You can purchase tickets at and buy Slnko online at

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