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Wild and Crazy Kids Love Colour.

Kids Love Color!

Color is back, whether you are a black and white personality or consider yourself conservative, there is no more hiding away from colour.

This summer marks the beginning of a Colour Celebration like you have never seen it before.

There are more and more colour festivals popping up in every town around the world, and Slnko is right there to join in the fun.


Kids love colour – Why choose Slnko Neon Colours

Slnko Zinc is part of this celebration of colour and gives you a choice of 4 Neon colors to brighten your world.

You can now wear any of the  4 Neon Colors to your next party and while you will be protected during the day, we will make sure you don’t go unnoticed at night with our luminous pigment that will light up under those lights as soon as the sun sets.

This is a fun element that has not been seen before. We promise heaps and heaps of fun with Slnko, Celebrating all the colors of the rainbow.

Watch some of us Celebrating color in Lisboa at the Electric Colors Festival


Kids love colour – 100% natural

So if you are a colour hippie and want to do something different at your next colour celebration, get your tube of Slnko Neon zinc now.

Colour Hippies all over the world have joined this celebration of colour; we see them from Utah to Lisboa, Africa and Australia.

The powder you use at these Festivals are 100% natural (most of the time in anyway)a good reason to combine this with an all-natural Sun Protection.

Slnko Zinc is also free of all Parabens, the perfect alternative for colour fanatics with Sensitive Skin or Allergies.


You can purchase any colour zinc right here. Make sure you have all the right colours and when you are done with having fun with our Neon Zinc, you can simply wipe it off with a dry cloth.


For Any Questions on Slnko Zinc, click here or if you simply want to chat to us mail us here.

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